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Top 11 South Indian Bridal Jewellery Ideas 2024 | South Indian Jewels

Updated: Jan 2

South Indian women always cherished their jewellery. So choosing the right jewellery for her special day is a hard yet satisfying task for a quintessential bride. Bridal jewellery of south India comes in many shades of excellence. Explore the top 11 south Indian bridal jewellery ideas of this season we have penned.

1. South Indian gold bridal jewellery ideas to swoon over

Gold is the go to metal for almost every bride when it comes to choose her wedding jewellery. The bride donns traditional south Indian gold bridal jewellery set with gold kasu mala long haram, traditional gold jhumkas, elegant mang tikka with grand bangles, gold choker and hip belt. Gold jewellery is always the symbol of abundance and auspicious occasions.

2. Diamond bridal jewellery ideas

Diamond jewellery is a modern bride's perfect accolade when she fits into the best look of her life. The scattered light from diamonds make her look like an ethereal angel on her special day.

Diamond bridal jewellery is popular in south India among the brides, who do not prefer to adorn themselves in the glamour of yellow gold.

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3. Nakshi temple bridal jewellery designs

For every piece of trinket where nakshi work is carried out on the jewellery, there are many legends and tales to be unfolded. Coming from the background of rich and abundant heritage, each nakshi work jewellery beholds a story crafted on to them. Stories of gods and goddesses, stories of virtues, story of beliefs and much more. A bride wearing nakshi gold jewellery is believed to be blessed and guarded by the Gods she believes in. While traditions blend with rich culture, what we know is the brides always look immaculate in nakshi temple gold bridal jewellery on their special day.

4. Traditional south Indian bridal jewellery ideas

South Indian brides have stepped out of their age old traditional looks while adhering to the customs and culture. Traditional south Indian bridal jewellery designs are still being cherished by every bride. Wearing a piece of jewellery, that your grandmother wore on her special day is something not every bride gets. While they tweak the design a bit to fit her ensemble, modern south Indian brides adore traditional heritage bridal jewellery.

5. Imitation bridal jewellery designs

Celebrations and happiness has never been personal property of anyone. All of us celebrates, enjoys and live in our own ways. Imitation jewellery may come across as cheap replica of gold jewellery designs but the power they hold in a culturally rich land of celebrations like India is huge. The modern imitation bridal jewellery designs of south India rivals the original precious jewellery in designs and finish. The rising gold prices and ease of changing designs in a fraction of cost made imitation jewellery popular. Who would prefer to wear the same jewellery repeatedly with different outfits, when you can have a new design with each in same look and finish right?

6. Popular south Indian bridal jewellery designs

Ruby and emerald studded bridal jewellery is gaining popularity among south Indian brides. Diamond necklaces, pearl studded bangles, nakshi temple necklaces, panchladas and sathladas are much popular among brides with a penchant for trends. Traditional jewellery designs in a bride's trousseau is still potent and holds value to the bride and her family.

7. Simple south Indian bridal jewellery ideas

Simplicity in bridal land of south India was a remote term until recently. We could see that's not the case now, stacked chokers and a simple pair of jhumkas with kada bangles and mang tika brings out a much simplistic bride without compromising the bridal aura. More and more brides are opting simple jewellery designs for their wedding days making it one of the popular trend.

8. Grand Kerala south Indian bridal jewellery that mesmerised us.

Kerala brides and jewellery has an age old bond going on. Love for gold in Kerala culture is famous around the country. Brides of Kerala have seen wearing multiple long and short gold necklaces arranged to cover the whole torso with gold earrings, gold bangles, traditional waist belts, nose pins and other accessories. Now some Kerala brides opt to go simple by wearing one or two gold necklaces with jhumkas, hip belt, bangles and mang tikka. Traditional Kerala bridal jewellery includes many beautiful and variety of ornaments that can make one wonder about it. Kerala ornaments have a prominent place in south Indian bridal jewellery designs.

9. Ethereal Tamil bride in south Indian bridal jewellery

Temple jewellery designs originated from Tamil land. The grace, elegance and grandeur of the jewellery pieces are being preserved through out the ages. A regal south Indian Tamil bride is beautiful in these traditional south Indian bridal jewellery designs. Without overdoing it they keep it classic making her wedding day picturesque.

10. Telugu bridal jewellery we are swooning over

Diamond jewellery has been redefined by Telugu brides in the form of Telugu bridal jewellery designs. More brides are opting for diamond jewellery designs than the traditional guttapusalu and nallapusalu designs. An ethereal Telugu bride looks royal in yellow silk saree and a delicate veil along with the beautiful south Indian diamond bridal jewellery.

11. Best Kannadiga or Kannada bridal jewellery ideas ever

The Kannada bride in pastel green saree and traditional south Indian temple bridal jewellery is the real epitome of a modern day gracious kannadiga bride. Traditional jewellery designs like Kasina sara are also well favoured by Kannada brides.

Best 11 South Indian Bridal Jewellery Ideas

South Indian bridal jewellery designs are now preferred not only by brides of south India but also the whole country.

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