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guest posting for jewellery

Guest Posting Guidelines

How can you publish a guest blog post on South Indian Jewels?

  • Article length: Your article should be between 700 and 1800 words in length.

  • Quality: Make sure that the content is high quality and free of grammatical errors.

  • Uniqueness: All content must be completely unique and original.

  • Promotional content: We do not accept direct promotional content. Focus on providing valuable information rather than marketing products or services.

  • Content Restrictions: We do not accept any sexually explicit, illicit, or illegal content.

  • Originality: Please do not share copied content on our platform.

  • External Links: You may insert one external hyperlink for articles under 700 words and two for articles above 1800 words. Each hyperlink must originate from a unique domain (client website).

  • Hyperlink Tags: We will not include any sponsored or UGC tags with the hyperlinks.

  • Backlinks: Paid guest posts contain two do-follow backlinks to your website, the number of which varies based on the length of the material. These connections will be permanent and should remain on our website for at least 3 to 4 years.

  • Anchor Text: You may utilise brand and keyword-based anchor text for hyperlinks in your article.

  • Links: You can link to your website's homepage or a specific landing page.

  • Homepage Feature: To have your article featured on our homepage, please contact separately (extra costs may apply).

  • Banner Image: Provide a 640×400px banner picture that is related to your content.

  • Editing Rights: We have the right to alter or delete any portion of the submitted content that does not adhere to our criteria.

Paid Guest Posting

  • Article length should vary from 700 to 1800 words.

  • Ensure that articles are of high quality and include error-free grammar.

  • All content must be completely unique; plagiarism is absolutely prohibited.

  • We do not accept direct promotional content or any other illegal or illicit content.

  • Avoid sharing plagiarized content on our portal.

  • Limit external hyperlinks to 1 for articles under 700 words and 2 for articles above 1800 words.

  • Sponsored/UGC tags will not be included in hyperlinks.

  • Both external hyperlinks must come from the same unique domain; otherwise, one will be deleted from the post.

  • Paid guest posts will contain two do-follow backlinks to your website, which should stay on our site for at least three to four years.

Cost Of Guest Posting On South Indian Jewels

  • South Indian Jewels recognises the value of quality content and strives to give reasonable opportunities for guest bloggers to reach our increasing readership.

  • Pricing: We offer guest posting opportunities for the jewellery niche at a competitive rate of USD 80 per guest post.

  • Benefits: By publishing your content on South Indian Jewels, you will benefit from our fast expanding organic reach, as well as increased domain and page authority. This implies that your content will be exposed to a wider audience and get greater visibility over time.

  • Comparison: While other guest blogging companies throughout the world may charge more rates for similar services, we attempt to provide a reasonable alternative without compromising quality or reach.

  • Affordability: Our price plan guarantees that guest posting remains open to firms and people seeking to exhibit their skills in the jewellery sector.

  • Contact us: If you are interested in contributing a guest post or have any questions regarding our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Thank you for choosing South Indian Jewels for your guest blogging requirements. We look forward to working with you.

Advertising On South Indian Jewels

USD 220 for a 728x90 banner and 300x250 sidebar on the homepage.
The Hero Banner (1040x310) shown on all sites costs USD 450 per month.
USD 640 for a 728x90 banner and 320x250 sidebar on the homepage.
The Hero Banner (1040x310) shown on all sites costs USD 1350 every quarter.
Annual cost for a 728x90 banner and 300x250 sidebar on the homepage is USD 2050.
The Hero Banner (1040x310) shown on all pages costs USD 5100 per year.
Custom ad banners or exclusive ad runs across the site, please contact us at

Thank you for considering advertising with South Indian Jewels.

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