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List of Top 12 Gold Jewellery Brands in India (July-2024) | South Indian Jewels

Updated: 16 hours ago

Gold jewellery is an inevitable part of Indian lifestyle. Gold being the symbol of purity is considered auspicious in our households.

From a myriad of gold jewellery brands, how would you choose the right jewellery brand that meets your expectations? To ease your dilemma we have listed down some of the most popular gold jewellery brands in India to shop best quality gold jewellery both offline and online.

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​Check The Collection

Whether you're in search of timeless gold pieces, the sparkle of diamonds, or the subtle grace of silver, the website has it all. It goes beyond adornment, featuring pooja articles for spiritual moments and special occasion pieces to make every event memorable.


​I am buying Tanishq jewellery since few years. I am extremely pleased with the authenticity and design of the brand and the cordial and amicable nature of the sales executives


They are one of our trusted jewellers and we have been buying jewellery from them since years now. So when the time came to buy jewellery for my wedding we obviously chose them. Their work is exceptionally great and neat. The jewellery is so exquisite, you fall in love with it the moment you see it. Recommended

Malabar Gold And Diamonds

Got most of my wedding jewellery from here. They have jewels of high quality and their designs are out of this world.They put in a lot of effort to help you find the best piece.

Kalyan Jewellers

​I had a great experience with Kalyan jewelry, bought gold chain, looking forward to do more shopping with you

​Bhima Jewellers

We had custom made requirement of silver coins-45 nos to be done in less than 6 days and had tried with various major jewellers and only Bhima jewellers responded promptly. They delivered the coins before delivery date and also the quality of product was good. Very rarely we get to see such professionalism and positive attitude.

List Of Best Gold Jewellery Brands In India

  • Tanishq


  • Kalyan Jewellers

  • Malabar Gold And Diamonds

  • Bhima Jewellers

  • Caratlane

  • Reliance Jewels

  • Manubhai Jewellers

  • Joyalukkas

  • PC Jewellers

  • Senco Gold

  • Tribhovandaz Bhimji Zaveri

We have jotted down the list of best gold jewellery brands in India based on certain aspects and criteria. They are as follows;

  1. Quality : The quality of the gold used by the brand.

  2. Design: Freshness of designs adopted by the brand and popularity among the customers.

  3. Ethos: Ethics of material procurement by the brand

  4. Trust Factor: Customer care, reviews, delivery and more

  5. Cost: Checking the prices and comparing with similar brands.

  6. Availability: Along with retail and online stores, the availability of the brand products on other online market places.

Based on each criterion, we have listed down the brands for your ease and convenience. Gold jewellery is a part of everyday life in India. Stick to the best brands of gold jewellery in India to get wonderful shopping experience.

Before you buy gold jewellery online or offline from any of these brands, make sure you visit their stores online or offline to know more about each of the brand. We hope our guide would ease your quest on purchasing good quality gold jewelry designs from the best gold jewellery brands.

1. Tanishq

In India now gold jewellery has a synonym, that is Tanishq. The brand was founded in 1994 at Hosur, Tamilnadu. The word Tanishq was born by merging two words 'Tan' and 'Nishk' where 'Tan' means body and 'Nishk' is a type of gold ornament.

Tanishq is one of the leading gold jewellery brands in India. They started with 18k gold watches in 1994 and soon grew into 22k gold jewellery and diamond jewellery dealer. The ethos by which the brand operates makes them stand out from the rest. Customers who buy from Tanishq keep going back for more. Being a TATA enterprise eliminates any cloud of doubt regarding authenticity of the products they sell, making them one of the best gold jewellery brands in India.

​"I am buying Tanishq jewellery since few years. I am extremely pleased with the authenticity and design of the brand and the cordial and amicable nature of the sales executives." - Customer Review

They have a wide range of gold jewellery and diamond jewellery collections. Main two other jewellery brands under TATA other than Tanishq are;

'Mia' for modern yet affordable gold and diamond jewellery. Mia is a sub brand to Tanishq.

'Zoya' - An exquisite jewellery brand for creative diamond jewellery. From the house of TATA

  • High quality jewellery with quality checking facilities like 'Karatmeter'.

  • 200+ retail stores through out the country and abroad.

  • Wide range of bridal jewellery for regional cultures.

  • Tanishq has a solid online footprint as well.

  • Cost of jewellery at Tanishq is considered as fair.

  • The service is termed as good by both online and offline customers.

  • Tanishq also made its products available on Amazon spreading its reach.


An eCommerce jewellery brand with a huge collection of stylish and elegant jewellery designs along with wide range of product offerings (Gold, Diamond, Gemstone Jewellery & Silver Article) online. is a one-stop solution for all your precious jewellery needs online.

"Whether you're in search of timeless gold pieces, the sparkle of diamonds, or the subtle grace of silver, the website has it all. It goes beyond adornment, featuring pooja articles for spiritual moments and special occasion pieces to make every event memorable." - Customer Review

The brand has a catchy tagline that says 'Something Special for Everyone.', They have jewellery for all every season, reason and emotion. In the array of 12k+ products they have something special for everyone.

  • The brand is a trusted one when it comes to buying precious jewellery online.

  • They have a vast collection of 12,000+ jewellery designs.

  • Try at home facility instills trust and ease in customers mind.

  • Unlike most of the jewellery brands they provide customization facility.

  • With Pan India Delivery and old gold exchange, stands out among the crowd online.


3. Kalyan Jewellers

Kalyan Jewellers was founded in 1993 by Mr. T.S Kalyanaraman at Thrissur, Kerala. The brand has a strong presence in south India and around the globe. They have 160+ stores all around the world.

Kalyan Jewellers offer traditional gold jewellery designs for regional Indian brides and more. They have a wonderful collection of daily wear gold jewellery designs as well. The brand assures BIS hallmark security on their products.

​"I had a great experience with Kalyan jewelry, bought gold chain, looking forward to do more shopping with you" - Customer Review

Candere is the sub brand by Kalyan where you can find their gold and diamond jewellery collection online. Being one of the top rated gold jewellery brands in India, Kalyan Jewellers provide a vast collection of truly amazing gold jewellery designs.

  • Kalyan Jewellers have grown to become a global brand with their worldwide presence.

  • 160+ physical stores around the globe makes them reachable.

  • BIS Hallmarked gold jewellery garners trust.

  • Making charges of Kalyan can be improved as per the public review.

  • They make up for the making charges in their traditionally rich designs.

  • Kalyan Jewellers' gold ornaments are available both online and offline along with Amazon.

4. Malabar Gold & Diamonds

Spread over 10 countries Malabar Gold And Diamonds shines through its success like diamonds. Malabar Gold hails from Kozhikode, Kerala and was founded in 1993 by an entrepreneurial team led by Mr. M. P Ahammed. The hyper expansion over the globe makes them one of the top 5 jewellery brands in the world.

  • Malabar Gold & Diamonds has grown to a global brand name.

  • 260+ physical stores around the globe and still expanding.

  • BIS Hallmarked gold jewellery ensures purity of the gold.

  • The USP of the brand is ethically procured products through authentic sources.

  • Modern yet ethnic gold jewellery designs can be found at Malabar Gold.

  • The brand's jewellery designs are available on their online and offline stores along with Amazon

5. Bhima Jewellers

Bhima Jewellers is known for for their authenticity and purity of gold. Bhima gold was established in 1925. They are one among the pioneers of gold jewellers in India. Strong offline footprint makes them one of the most trusted gold jewellery brands in India.

  • They have around 116 stores in South India and UAE.

  • The Bhima Gold connects with their customer's emotions.

  • Bhima jewellers is known for their grand traditional jewellery designs.

  • BIS Hallmark Jewellery is one of their strong point.

  • Bhima Jewellers have a robust offline presence spread mainly over Southern India.

  • Though their own website looks is in disarray, they have a fine footprint on Amazon.

6. CaratLane

CaratLane instilled the habit of gold jewellery shopping online in Indian women. The Tanishq partnership firm is a plethora of modern and minimalistic gold jewellery designs. Casual gold jewellery is their go to design language. CaratLane was founded in 2008, with the objective to make beautiful jewellery accessible, affordable and forever wearable.

  • Although they are known to be an online brand, they have 165 retail stores pan India.

  • The pieces mainly caters the young and modern working women.

  • CaratLane focus on providing customers with affordable yet stylish jewellery designs.

  • CaratLane is the largest omni-channel jewellery in India.

7. Reliance Jewels

Reliance jewels is emerging as a leader among gold jewellery brands in India. They have jewellery for your whole family. With highly competitive making charges the brand is grabbing more customers.

  • Reliance Jewels is spread throughout India in 115+ stores.

  • Gold jewellery in any variety can be seen with them.

  • They have a fine footprint online.

  • Reliance jewellery is not available on ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon.

8. Manubhai Jewellers

The Mumbai based jewellery brand is known for their eclectic heritage jewellery designs. At Manubhai jewellers you would witness the age old antique jewellery designs getting reformed into fine and exquisite modern gold jewellery designs. Though they do not serve to multiple retail locations, their rare designs in bridal gold jewellery compelled us to add them to our list.

  • Traditional gold jewellery designs from Manubhai jewellers is rare.

  • Brand is known for their highly appealing bridal jewellery designs .

  • Quality of the jewellery is considered good.

  • They have a fine footprint both online.

9. Joyalukkas

Joyalukkas jewellers is one of the biggest gold retail chains in India with their 85+ showrooms. Established in 2002, the brand has grown in fast pace. The Kerala based gold jewellery brand has strong presence abroad as well. If you have a penchant for latest trending gold jewellery designs, Joyalukkas is your brand. Bridal gold and diamond jewellery designs from the brand is popular among people in India.

  • 85+ retail gold jewellery stores pan India.

  • Trending gold jewellery designs can be found on Joyalukkas.

  • BIS Hallmarked gold jewellery along with certified diamond jewellery.

  • Huge collection of bridal gold jewellery designs.

  • Detailed online presence with strong footprint on market places like Amazon.

10. PC Jeweller

The New Delhi based gold jewellery brand has 80+ showrooms spread over India. PC Jeweller excels in both arenas of retail and wholesale. The brand manufactures traditional as well as modern gold jewellery designs.

  • Wide range of gold and diamond jewellery designs.

  • 80+ physical showrooms to shop for gold jewellery in India.

  • BIS Hallmarked gold and certified diamond jewellery.

  • The growing brand is favoured by many women in India.

  • PCJ has fine online presence and is listed on Amazon.

11. Senco Gold And Diamonds

Senco gold and diamonds is a Kolkata based gold jewellery brand established in 1994. Making delicate yet intricate gold and diamond jewellery is their strong point. Senco is indeed one among the key gold jewellery brands leading in India.

  • Stylish and beautiful gold and diamond jewellery designs.

  • Authentic craftsmanship is visible on the gold jewellery designs.

  • The brand has good online and offline presence.

  • Affordable gold jewellery made real.

  • Senco Gold and Diamonds has its strong presence on market places like Amazon.

12. Tbz - Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Jewellers

If there is another name for traditional and classy gold jewellery, its tbz. The brand showcases wonderful collection of bridal gold jewellery designs.High quality jewellery is one other quality you cant ignore of this brand.

  • The Jewellery from Tbz is one of its kind with a legacy of 154+ years.

  • Its the kind of jewellery brand where you keep on shopping repeatedly.

  • A wide range of jewellery designs are available with the brand.

  • BIS Hallmarked jewellery is an appealing factor.

Gold jewellery is an integral part of Indian culture and fashion. Finding the right brand to trust with your precious gold is not that simple when you have a lot of options. All of the brands listed above have good public reviews and most of them are available on trusted marketplaces like Amazon. Keeping all these factors in mind, we have made the above list of top 12 gold jewellery brands in India. Share with us your experiences with any of these brands as well.

Happy Shopping!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the No 1 jewellery brand in India?

Tanishq is considered to be one of the most trusted gold jewellery brands in India. This Tata brand has wide range of gold and diamond jewellery designs for all kind of jewellery lovers. Tanishq is closely followed by Kalyan jewellers, Malabar Gold, Bhima and Joyalukkas.

Which is the best quality gold in India?

BIS - Bureau of Indian Standards Hallmarked jewellery is considered as of high quality. The gold jewellery with BIS hallmark is trusted and is practised by all major gold jewellery brands in India.


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