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Trending Guttapusalu Necklace Designs of 2024 | South Indian Jewels

Updated: Feb 5

Guttapusalu : the pearl embellished traditional gold necklace favoured in Andhra and Telangana regions of South India. A single guttapusalu necklace design in its glory is enough to attain a royal look. Match it with a Kanchipuram silk saree or Uppada silk saree, the deed is done.

What is Guttapusalu Jewellery?

'Gutta' means group of small fishes and 'pusalu' means beads. Bunches of pearls are attached on to a gold necklace setting and is embellished with fine gemstones like ruby and emerald. Creative interpretation of a bunch of fishes using pearls and gold is mastered in this classic heritage jewellery. The guttapusalu necklace design is believed to be originated from the Coromandel coast of southern India, where pearl fisheries were popular.

Guttapusalu is one such necklace that even garners the hearts of women who are connoisseurs of traditional south Indian jewellery. The ocean and her ethereal beauty exudes from these neck-pieces. They boast of the rich ancient coastal culture of Coromandel. Coromandel coast is backed by the Eastern ghats that run through the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Odisha, and some parts of Karnataka and Telangana.

Classic Guttapusalu Designs

Guttapusalu necklaces has come a long way, bearing the weight of culture and traditions. These painstakingly beautiful treasures are ornamented with the touch of fashion, maintaining the roots.

Let's embark the voyage through latest guttapusalu designs.

Guttapusalu Long Haram Designs

Guttapusalu long harams are a common presence in a Telugu brides' trousseau. Studded with various types of pearls and stones, the necklaces are a treasure to behold. Long harams or long guttapusalu necklaces come in 22-carat gold, 92.5 silver, german silver, gold-plated silver and one gram gold.

Guttapusalu Gold Haram Designs

Gold guttapusalu haram designs have evolved from simple necklaces to impeccably crafted elaborate designs. A guttapusalu haram is a much cherished heirloom in Andhra and Telangana region. The weight of guttapusalu gold haram differs from each other widely.

Lightweight Guttapusalu Necklace Designs

Simple and lightweight guttapusalu designs goes well with a saree or salwar. To complete an ethnic look, a guttapusalu necklace with black thread is perfect. Light-weight guttapusalu necklaces are popular among young women and girls.

Silver Guttapusalu Necklace

Pure silver guttapusalu has an ethereal charm to it. The bank of pearls, stones, and gems bedecks the necklace makes it a must-have for every ethnic jewellery enthusiast. 92.5 sterling silver is used to make the silver guttapusalu. Sometimes the necklace is plated with gold to imitate the look of pure gold guttapusalu at a lower cost. Those who doesn't like the yellow sheen of gold in their jewellery can go for this rustic and eclectic silver.

Guttapusalu Necklaces on Amazon

Guttapusalu designs have become so popular that they are available almost in every jewellery stores online and offline. Gold plated silver guttapusalu necklaces, 1 gram gold guttapusalu long harams and imitation guttapusalu necklaces are available online on Amazon. Enjoy wearing the beautiful traditional guttapusalu necklaces.

What is a guttapusalu haram?

'Gutta pusalu' in Telugu means pearls/ beads created as bank of fishes. Haram is a south Indian word usually used to represent necklaces, long necklaces or garlands. A guttapusalu haram is nothing but a traditional necklace made of clustered pearls and gold that hails from south-eastern coastal areas of India.

How much does guttapusalu cost?

Guttapusalu necklaces come in gold, silver and as imitation jewellery. So the cost varies as per the type one prefers. 22-carat gold guttapusalu necklaces are usually found starting from 30 grams. Price varies according to the gold market rates. Silver guttapusalu and imitation guttapusalu prices are almost stable. Imitation or gold plated ones start from ₹390/-. Prices always change as per the market fluctuations.