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Traditional Kasu Mala Necklace Designs 2024 | South Indian Jewels

Updated: Feb 5

A myriad of unique jewellery designs ornate South India. They have always been an elegant collective of culturally inspired jewellery designs that celebrates the idea of being a woman.

Traditions run through the core veins of Indian blood. The lifestyle, the languages, the perspectives and almost everything is a by product of culture and traditions that has been deeply embedded in the society.

A Kasu mala is one such traditional symbol of prosperity and abundance that the southernmost region of India identifies as a part of their vibrant culture.

What is Kasu mala?

'Kasu' means money, symbolised as coins 'mala' means chain or garland. Depiction of luxury and prosperity though jewellery was intended by wearing a Kasu mala during the old days. In Kerala, it is 'Kasu mala', in Tamil Nadu it wears the name 'Kasu malai', people in Karnataka calls it 'Kasina sara' and in Telugudesam (Andhra Pradesh and Telangana) the same is named as 'Kasulaperu'.

Kasu mala designs have evolved from its earlier days. Now they come as simple chokers, long harams, hip belts, armlets and in more forms. A Kasumala can be simple and sleek to gaudy and grand in looks. Rich diamond, emerald and ruby embellishments and addition of nakshi work pendants gives the jewellery a visual boost.

Kasu mala necklaces are predominantly seen in 22-carat gold and 92.5 silver, regardless of their hefty prices. Artificial jewellery like 1 gram gold Kasu mala designs are also popular among women to style up ethnically without digging holes in ones' pockets.

Lets' check out some Kasu mala designs that are in trend this year.

Simple Kasu mala designs

Light weight Kasu mala designs

Antique Kasu mala designs

Traditional Kasu mala designs

Kasu mala designs in gold

What is Kasulaperu?

Kasulaperu is the Telugu name for Kasu mala or coin necklace. Coins made in precious metals are codified in multiple fashion to form beautiful and ethnic jewellery designs.

How many coins are in a Kasu mala?

It depends! There are no restrictions on the number of coins used to make a kasumala. The quantity of the coins depends entirely on the design.

What is Lakshmi Kasu mala?

When the coins in a kasu mala are stamped or sculpted with goddess Lakshmi, the necklace is can be termed as Lakshmi kasu mala. Also, when the kasu mala comes with a Lakshmi pendant, that is called a Lakshmi kasu haram.

Where can you buy Kasu mala designs online?

Gold kasu mala necklaces can be bought online from many reputed gold jewellery websites online like; Malabar Gold Jewellers, Joy Alukkas, GRT Jewellers, Kalyan Jewellers, Aabhushan, Sree vasavi thangamaligai, Navrathan jewellers, JCS jewels etc.



Image sources: Aabhushan Jewels, SVTM jewels, Navarathan jewels, JCS jewels and Pinterest.


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