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Traditional Jewellery Of Kannadiga Bride In Karnataka | South Indian Jewels

Updated: Feb 19

Each state of southern India has its own beautiful traditions and culture along with many similarities in food, clothing, faith and jewellery. A kannadiga bride is donned in traditional jewellery of Karnataka. For, the traditional kannadiga jewellery was shaped into current state by mighty, paramount Kingdoms and legends.

The bridal jewellery designs of Karnataka are similar to other south Indian states, yet distinct. The usage of flower garlands, bindi and green glass bangles that represents fertility and a prosperous life is a common thing that you can find in a Kannadiga bride.

Though Karnataka has similarities in customs and traditions among the states of Andhra Pradesh & Maharashtra, a traditional Kannadiga bride stands out among them.

Traditional jewellery designs of Karnataka includes Kasina sara, Dollar sara, kokkethathi, misri mala, mallimoggu sara, kukkumudi sara, mavinkai addige, padaka, havalakki sara, godhi sara, lakshmi sara, entele sara, and many more.

Traditional Jewellery Designs Of Karnataka

We get to see traditional jewellery of Karnataka mainly on brides and we are exploring some of the popular and native jewellery designs that are being worn by Kannadiga brides from a long time.

1. Kasina Sara and Misri mala

Kasina sara is the necklace made of coins. Misiri mala is the coin necklace with Lakshmi stamp or embossing. The necklace is a common presence in south Indian jewellery treasure trove. The necklace is called by many names through out the south Indian states. In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, the kasinasara is known as kasulaperu, in Tamilnadu it is kasumalai and in Kerala it is kasumala.

2. Havalakki Sara

Havalakki sara or avalakki sara comes in the shape of flattened rice or poha. Brides of south Karnataka wear this havalakki sara on her wedding day. This traditional necklace of Karnataka is also famous in other states like Maharashtra and Kerala. In Maharashtra, the necklace is called poha haar. For Keralites, the necklace is known as avilmala


3. Mallige sara/Mallimoggu Sara

As the name depicts the necklace, Mallige sara or Mallimoggu sara is an ornamental representation of jasmine buds. Sometimes they are made in plane gold and at times embellished with precious stones like ruby, emerald and diamonds. Mallimoggu sara is also known as Mullamottu mala in Kerala.

4. Lakshmi sara

Lakshmi sara is the necklace a bride wears for the representations and blessing of goddess Lakshmi in her new life. The necklace comes in many varieties, as Lakshmi choker, Lakshmi long haaram and Lakshmi kasina sara. The necklace is an important part of traditional Karnataka bridal trousseau. Lakshmi mala, Lakshmi malai and Lakshmi haar are the other names around other states.

5. Dollar Sara or Padaka

Padaka just means pendant in Kannada. For a south Karnataka bride, traditional padaka is very important in her jewellery. In other parts of the state the necklace is named as dollar sara, which means the necklace with a pendant. Similar necklace design can be found in neighbouring states like in Kerala the necklace is called Pathakkam with slight variations in design.

6. Entele Sara

Entele sara is a heritage jewellery of south Kannadiga bride, especially, the Tuluva or Bunt or a Mangalori bride. The necklace comes in layers of gold chains. In northern India the necklace would be called as a Rani haar.

7. Kokkethathi Necklace

Kokkethathi - The half moon shaped pendant strung on a necklace is the traditional bridal jewellery of Coorgi or Kodava bride. The necklace is called Kokkethathi. Rich and ritualistic in traditions Coorgi jewellery designs are favoured by other Kannadika brides as well.

8. Pavan Sara

Pavan sara is the necklace where coin shaped trinkets are arranged in regular pattern to form a necklace. The necklace is also popular in Kerala where it is called as panamala. The necklace comes in many patterns and arrangements in modern days though the traditional pawan sara or pavan sara is always cherished by kannadiga brides or women.

9. Giliola Sara

Gili ole is the earrings were rubies and pearls are studded in a pattern of parrots along with three jhumka danglers. Giilola sara is the necklace to match the earrings with plenty of precious stones and pearls studded in the shape of parrots.

The necklace and earrings set is one of the unique jewellery designs that belong to the traditional Karnataka culture. The word Gili means parrot in Kannada and Ole means danglers. Gili ole represents parrot danglers.

11. Kajipukai Sara

12. Gejje Addige

13. Mohuna Sara | Mohana Mala

14. Kukkumudi Sara

15. Godhi Sara

16. Mangalya Sara

17. Jomale Sara

18. Mavinkai Attigai

19. Mundale

20. Pakala sara

21. Bangarada Patti

22. Ungila / Ungaru

23. Bale