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Latest Nakshi Jewellery Designs | Nagas Collection

Updated: Feb 19

Nakshi Jewellery, a south Indian tale of mastery in jewellery handicraft. Jewellery in India ranges from one extreme to another in terms of techniques and cultural importance. Each state has its own miraculous array of arts and crafts that shed light into ancient cultures that existed in the subcontinent. The nakshi jewellery craft is known by many names, Nakshi, Nakkassi jewellery, Nagas jewellery, Nagashu jewellery, repoussé jewellery and Nakashi jewellery. They are also considered as the jewellery of Gods. Hence, the name temple jewellery.

What is Nakshi Jewellery?

Nakshi jewellery is made in metals like gold, silver or any other malleable one to form thin sheets, stamped or moulded mainly with designs of deities, flowers, birds, and animals. Stories from Hindu mythology are depicted in artistic ways in this craft. It requires great skill and experience.

If you can take a walk through some narrow streets of Nagercoil and Kanyakumari districts in Tamil Nadu, you can witness the sheen of pure art and devotion that has been passed through generations in making temple nakshi jewellery.

Origin and heritage

It was eloquently penned by travellers that,

"If it is asserted that Paradise is in India, Be not surprised because Paradise itself is not comparable to it”

Indian jewellery, Dance of the peacock -by Usha R Balakrishnan, Meera Sushil Kumar.

Southern and central regions of the Indian peninsula were considered as the mines of gold and meadows of jewels. Travellers from different regions of the world kept detailed documents of their visit to reveal the innumerable wealth of the subcontinent. Jewellery was an adornment not only for women, but a symbol of pride for men, their heritage, wealth, and legacy. Thrones, crowns, diadems, palaces, temples and any important enough places were embellished with precious stones and metals in India.

Repoussé work or craft was adopted in the Tamil region of Southern India in making nagasu jewellery. The craft is believed to have come from France to India. Repoussé craft is one of the ancient crafting methods that existed during the period of Ancient Greece and Rome. The skilled artisans made impeccable use of the craft and embedded the stories of their Gods in precious gold and silver ornaments, giving birth to the first forms of extremely beautiful Nagas collection or nakkashi jewellery just like the nakash Lakshmi necklace set featured above.

Making of lightweight nakshi jewellery

Thin metallic sheets of gold or any other ductile and malleable metal is hollowed out into designs by filling lac is one of the major techniques used in Nagas jewellery. The method of this craft is believed to have originated in ancient Greek. The technique of hollowing out the shapes helped artisans to make grand jewels with less gold or silver, thereby producing lightweight nakshi jewellery.

Nakshi Choker Necklace Set

How is Nakshi jewellery made?

  1. Moulds are carved out in desired designs of deities, birds, or animals to make nakshi jewellery.

  2. The beaten metallic sheets are then etched with the design on the mould or stamped directly.

  3. Thin metallic sheet with a hole is used to cover the hollow back of the design.

  4. The structure is then filled with lac through the hole.

  5. Lac helps in retaining the design on the thin sheet by adding strength to the design

Nakshi Gold Jewellery Designs

Nakshi gold jewellery craft witnessed rise and fall of kingdoms, end of royalty and emergence of a democratic republic. Still, the nakkasi gold jewellery entices women the same as in ancient days. The allure of nakshi gold jewellery designs are unparalleled.

Nakshi gold necklaces
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Temple nagas necklace set

The gold necklaces of nakkassi jewellery are irresistible. To carry a traditional South Indian look well, club Kanchipuram pure silk sarees with 22 CT pure gold temple necklaces or pure silver ones. They are popularly known as Temple jewellery.

Now these are available in 1 gram gold and gold-plated at reasonable rates.

Best of the artificial nakshi jewels with price can be found on Amazon India. These pieces are more affordable than gold and silver nakshi jewellery.

Check out the best of the affordable temple jewellery or artificial nakshi jewellery collection below.

Nakshi gold long haram

Long nakshi harams with heavy stories etched into the surface are winners, when it comes to bridal affairs of the South. A nakshi gold haram can be bought online from reputed jewellery websites.

For pure gold nakshi jewellery online, checkout the below websites.

Artificial nakshi jewellery

For artificial or 1 gram gold nakash/nakshi jewellery, check Amazon here for an easy fix.

Be sure to check the reviews of the product before purchasing from Amazon. Join Amazon Prime also to get the best offers.

Nakshi gold earrings

Jhumkas or simple earrings, whatever it is, nakshi gold earrings have their own allure. The intricacy and grandeur of the pieces must be cherished.

Best places to explore and purchase gold nakshi necklaces and earrings with price online are listed above. Check them out to see a variety of traditional nakshi gold earrings online.



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