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Top 10 Silver Choker Necklaces: The Ultimate Fashion Essential | South Indian Jewels

Updated: May 15, 2023

Choker necklaces have been invading our jewellery boxes for a long time. Let's explore some of the silver choker necklace designs as well to top up your silver jewellery collection.

We have jotted down some of the beautiful silver choker necklace designs that we couldn't resist sharing with y'all.

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Best Silver Choker Necklace Designs Of The Season

Silver necklaces be it long or short have a versatile quality to amp up any outfit. We are exploring the top 10 silver choker necklace designs of the season for you to get inspired of.

Most of the silver choker designs we have listed here are from silver jewellery brands like, Prade Jewels, Tamara Chennai and Aadya. Checkout their websites to shop for their latest collections.

1. Silver Choker Necklace With Pastel Green Embellishments

2. Designer Silver Choker For Saree

3. Crescent Moon Silver Choker Necklace

4. Kemp & Pearl Silver Choker Necklace

5. Dainty Silver Choker Necklace

6. Sleek Silver Choker With Stone Embellishments

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7. Kasumala Choker In Silver

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8. Designer Silver Short Choker Necklace

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9. Kemp Mango Silver Choker Necklace For Saree

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10. Kundan Silver Choker Necklace

Silver Choker Necklace Styling Tips For Indian Divas

Pair your silver choker necklace blindly with any cotton or linen saree you wont go wrong. Simple and sleek silver chokers can be paired with western dresses and casual outfits. A minimal mango silver necklace paired with simple kurti can amp up the whole look .

Experiment your silver chokers with jumpsuits, dresses and gowns as well for a creative look. Try and find your own fashion with some stylish choker necklaces in silver.

Frequently Asked Questions On Silver Jewellery

These are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding silver choker necklaces.

How do I care for my silver choker necklace?

First and foremost, keep the silver choker necklace away from chemicals and cosmetics. Gently wipe the jewellery with dry cloth after use to remove sweat or any moisture before storing them in a jewellery box.

Are silver choker necklaces suitable for formal occasions?

Yes! Simple silver chokers are the best to be paired with formal outfits. Just ensure the jewellery always complements the attire.

Can silver choker necklaces be worn with different necklines?

Silver choker necklaces are versatile and goes well with almost all necklines like v neck, round neck, boat neck and more other than halter neck designs.

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