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Handmade Tribal Kutch Mirror Bangles Are Back In Town | South Indian Jewels

Updated: May 8, 2023

Are you into old and rustic trinkets? Its your fashion time again. Get that tribal handmade kutch mirror bangles out to doll up in boho look. These beautiful bangles are studded with coloured mirrors or glasses to enhance the vibe. Any gypsy girl at heart would snatch up these beautiful bangles without a second thought.

Image source : pinterest

Design Insights

Type: Tribal Bangles or Kada

Fastening: Screw or openable

Availability: Easily available in jewellery stores online or offline

Fashion: Kutchi tribal jewellery

Craft: Handmade

Material: Silver Alloy and glass

Commonly found in: Kutch, Jaipur..and so on

Significance Of Kutch Tribal Jewellery

Kutchi tribes of Gujarat, make and wear tribal silver jewellery as adornment, protection, investment and for health benefits. The tribal women in Kutch wear heavy silver jewellery weighing 2 kilograms per person. Each tribe has their own unique jewellery to identify the tribe.

The Kutchi mirror bangles made in silver have many health benefits like any other pure silver bangles. The friction among multiple bangles while wearing them increases the blood circulation reducing arthritis pain and improving generic health.

How to style your tribal Kutch mirror bangles?

Pair your Kutchi mirror bangles with cotton sarees, khadi sarees, kurtis, and jeans to get that magical witchy boho look. Couple your silver tribal kutch bangles with silver necklaces , rings and earrings to complete the attire.



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