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Latest Long Mango Haram Designs In Gold Shade You Can't Miss | South Indian Jewels

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Mango designed long necklaces or haram in gold has been a part of our traditions and culture for a long time. From royalty to layman the designs were adored and cherished through generations. With the evolution of time the popularity of the mango long haram design in gold and other metals have increased.

We have brought to you some exquisite designs of the mango necklaces in gold shade in affordable materials. Checkout these beautiful long necklaces to doll up for your next event like your friend's wedding or festivities.

Gold Plated Long Mango Haram With Jhumkas

The mango long necklace embellished with red and green stones is a perfect piece for a south Indian style wedding attire. The gold plated long necklace with mango motifs are best paired with silk sarees like kanjivaram or banarasi sarees. Add in a jasmine garland as hair accessory to complete the look.

Kemp Stone Studded Premium Mango Necklace Set With Temple Jhumkas

Kemp jewellery has been a main part of culture and traditions in South India. The ruby and emerald studded necklace with jhumkas are indeed an asset to your jewellery collection. The antique gold finish is giving necklace a regal look.

Red & White Stone Studded Mango Long Haram In Gold Shade

Almost every Keralaite would have a story about palakka necklaces, for they are traditional Kerala ornaments woven tightly into their culture. The red mango shaped palakka long haram is design in gold is an ethereal example of traditional south Indian jewellery design.

Temple Red & Green Kemp Mango Haram Necklace With Earrings

The original temple jewellery, originated in Tanjavur Tamilnadu is made of diamonds, rubies and emeralds inlay-ed in gold. Here we have the beautiful bridal temple necklace with earrings with mango motifs to remind us of the grandeur of temple jewellery designs.

Gold Plated Long Mango Haram Necklace Set

The long mango haram design in artificial gold embellished with red stones and pearl is a must have for a south Indian treasure trove. The matching cute jhumkas with moti dangers are a pair to cherish. You can buy this affordable necklace on amazon.

Matte Gold Mini Bridal Set With Mango Haram Necklaces

Mini Bridal sets include short and long necklaces with a pair of earrings. The jewellery set above has matching mango designed necklaces with earrings. With silk sarees or lehengas the mango bridal set looks it's best.

Premium Gold Plated Palakka Necklace With Mango Motifs

The mango palakka necklace is the perfect replica of authentic manga palakka mala in gold. The necklace looks just like real gold and fine craftsmanship can be seen on the piece. Buy this elegant piece of traditional wonder from Amazon.

Bridal Mango Long Haram In Gold Shade

The yellow gold plated mango long haram is a common presence in south Indian bridal jewellery collection. The necklace is a symbol of flamboyance and opulence when made in pure gold. Buy the replica of this long mango haram necklace design in gold from Amazon at affordable rates.

Green & Red Matte Gold Mango Necklace Set

If you are not much fond of red and gold combos, the Matte finished mango necklace with more green and less red stones is the ones you must go for. Checkout this subtle mango necklace design on amazon today.

The mango necklace designs in gold and replicas are always cherished by us. If you don't have a mango necklace in your jewellery box, you are missing out badly. Grab any mango designed harams or necklaces and see how well they bright out your traditional look. Try today!

Mango Long Haram Designs In Gold

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