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South Indian Bridal Jewellery Designs & Treasures | South Indian Jewels

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Indian weddings have always been a symbol of relations, love, prosperity, family and securing the future life of two individuals together making a family. Beautifully crafted customs and traditions are woven into the attire, rituals, ceremonies and celebrations. Especially in south India, south Indian bridal jewellery and its designs are cherished throughout life not only as ornaments but memoirs of the special day. South Indian brides mostly opted traditional gold jewellery designs for their wedding as beautiful adornments and also as an investment for a rainy day.

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Wedding jewellery has transformed well through ages. Merely wearing something wont do the job. Now weddings are themed and along with bride/groom and groom/bride the whole entourage would be coordinated. For bridal jewellery, multiple options are available in the market based on your choice and budget. One gram gold bridal jewellery is something that people would opt if they just want their special day to look good but don't want to invest much on it. In a fraction of the cost of gold jewellery, artificial bridal jewellery does the job. With the soaring gold rates, many modern brides prefer it that way.

Traditional south Indian bridal jewellery sets

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In south India, traditional south Indian bridal jewellery designs varies from state to state. Some designs we can see as the same but with different names.

Traditional Tamil bridal jewellery designs and sets includes, temple bridal jewellery designs, nakshi or nakashi jewellery designs or kasu malai, addial and more

Jewellery in Kerala hold more meaning than any other state. Traditional Kerala bridal jewellery designs include a vast trove of designs. Palakka mala, kasu mala, elakkathali are just some of the names.

Telangana and Andhra Pradesh mostly share a culture and similar traditions. The traditional telugu jewellery includes guttapusalu, kasulaperu and more.

Customs in Karnataka is age old with a rich history. Bridal jewellery designs of Kannadigas includes, kasina sara, havalakki sara and more

Artificial south Indian bridal jewellery sets online shopping

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Gold jewellery designs are affordably replicated into artificial south Indian bridal jewellery sets and designs to make it easy for people of all financial states to enjoy and celebrate their special occasions. There are many jewellery stores online who sell artificial gold plated bridal jewellery. Be sure to opt the best to get high quality south Indian bridal jewellery sets online. To name some of them, check out Kushals' they have a wide variety of gold plated artificial bridal jewellery designs. they are also available on Amazon. Check beautiful jewellery designs from kushals on amazon here

There are many bridal fashion jeweller stores and curators online like myntra, mirraw, amazon, flipkart, ajio and so on. Dig in to select the best for your special day.

Latest Bridal Jewellery Designs Of South India


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