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All About 1 Gram Gold Jewellery Designs | South Indian Jewels

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

For an Indian woman, jewellery is not merely a material possession, but her personal armour and confidence. 1 gram gold jewellery has solved the issue of gold jewellery being unaffordable. One gram gold jewellery is high in demand and comes in many designs similar to gold jewellery.

What is 1 gram gold jewellery?

To put it plainly, 1 gram gold jewellery is not pure gold jewellery but plated with 1 gram of gold to look like gold jewellery. One gram gold jewellery is usually made in low cost alloys of brass or copper and then plated with 22kt gold. 1 gram gold jewellery has its name because one gram of gold is used to plate the jewellery.

Image Source - Kushals

What are the types of 1 gram gold jewellery designs?

  • 1 gram gold necklaces

  • 1 gram gold earrings

  • 1 gram gold jhumkas

  • 1 gram gold anklets

  • 1 gram gold bangles

  • 1 gram gold rings

  • 1 gram gold accessories

  • 1 gram gold mangalsutra / thali

  • 1 gram gold bridal jewellery

  • 1 gram gold ad jewellery

  • 1 gram gold antique jewellery

  • 1 gram gold matte finish jewellery

  • 1 gram gold silver jewellery

  • 1 gram gold temple jewellery

  • 1 gram gold contemporary jewellery

Where can you find best 1 gram gold jewellery online?

Any jewellery you long for is just some clicks away. The question is are you buying low quality products or are you getting scammed? How would you know? The best solution is to look for authentic reviews and go for well know brands that have cultivated good reputation among customers. Then there is an alternate way to get the popular trending 1 gram gold jewellery at your door step without fussing around. Go for ecommerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc. Check the reviews first before purchase. You would be good with their strong return policies.

1 gram gold jewellery for wedding

Many of the modern brides are opting artificial 1 gram gold jewellery now for their bridal attire. These 1 gram gold jewellery for wedding is light on the pocket and binds the bride with sartorial elegance. For new age smart brides are all about saving money for future without compromising the grandeur of their wedding. 1 gram gold jewellery reduces the cost of buying gold jewellery for wedding to a fraction.


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