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List of Top 10 Kerala Jewellery Designs To Grab Now 2024 | South Indian Jewels

Be it ‘Vishu’ or ‘Onam’, Mallus love to wear their most cherished Kerala jewellery designs. Traditional jewellery designs of Kerala like, palakka mala, nagapadam mala, mullamottu mala, kashumala, ilakkathali, poothali and much more can be seen in gold as well as other less expensive metals. 

We are taking a peek to the list of latest 10 Kerala jewellery designs that are traditional yet comes with a modern twist.

List of Trending Kerala Jewellery Designs

1. Palakka

Palakka mala is one of the most popular traditional ornaments of Kerala. Palakka work comes in different colours and types. There are palakka necklaces, earrings, bangles, and other accessories.

1a. Palakka Choker

Palakka mala comes in choker, long necklaces and more. Check out the best palakka choker necklace designs to look traditional in a Kerala attire.

1b. Palakka Long Necklace 

Usually, long palakka necklaces are a part of bridal jewellery collection of Kerala. You can style a palakka long necklace with a Kerala saree or a daavani.

1c. Palakka Earrings 

Palakka earrings comes as studs and jhumka earrings. They come in multiple colours. A palakka jimikki can entirely transform your look.

1d. Palakaa Accessories

Palakka rings, palakka bangles, and other accessories are generally seen in green colour but as per the full set the colour can vary.

2. Nagapadam

Nagapadam is a traditional Kerala ornament with the shape of a serpent hood. Nagapadam jewellery comes as chokers, long necklaces, earrings and other accessories.

2a. Nagapada Taali

Nagapada taali is a traditional necklace with a serpent headed pendant with a chain. The pendant comes in red, pink, green, blue, black and in more colours.

2b. Nagapadam Choker

A choker necklace where nagapadam motifs are arranged in an array. The nagapadam choker is the most popular necklace among Kerala women.

2c. Nagapadam Long Necklace 

The long nagapadam necklace is a common scene in the jewellery collection of Kerala brides. Though red and green colours are traditionally popular, but blue, pink, and other colours are gaining place among girls.

2d. Nagapadam Earrings

Nagapadam stud earrings are the ones that are vastly seen with the necklaces. Nagapadam jimikki or jhumkas are also popular with Kerala brides.

2e. Nagapadam Accessories

Nagapadam rings, bangles, and other bridal accessories are some ornaments that are getting customized for the brides and fashionistas on request.

3. Mullamottu Mala

Mullamottu necklace or mullamottu mala is inspired of jasmine buds. Mullamottu necklace comes in long and short lengths. They are one among the most popular jewellery in South India.

3a. Mullamottu Choker Necklace 

Jasmine buds motifs are arranged in a necklace pattern to make a mullamottu choker necklace. The necklace goes well with a silk saree or Kerala saree.

3b. Mullamottu Long Necklace

Mullamottu long necklace is mostly made in gold for brides. Considering the popularity of the necklace, it's made in alloy and gold-plated as well to make it affordable for everyone.

4. Kashumala

Kashumala, or coin necklace is widely appreciated all around South India. Kashu mala, Kasumalai, Kasulaperu or Kasinasara as it is called in South Indian states is made of coins embossed with lakshmi motifs or other designs.

4a. Kashu Choker

Kashumala choker necklace, one of the major chokers in Kerala jewellery collection, completes a perfect traditional south Indian look when paired with a Kerala Saree or Kerala Set Mundu.

4b. Long Kashu Necklace

Lakshmi embossed kashu coins are arranged as a long necklace to form a majestic long kashumala.

4c. Kashu Earrings

Kashu earrings comes in mainly three varieties : kashu studs, kashu drop earrings, kashu studded jhumkas.

4d. Kashu Accessories

Kashu bangles, kashu waist chain, kashu rings and more comes under kashu accessories.

5. Poothali (Choker)

Kattapoothali is one of the traditional kerala jewellery design generally found in the jewellery collection of Namboothiri women of Kerala.

6. Mangomala

Mango shaped motifs are arranged in multiple fashions and embellished with kemp stones to make a traditional mango mala. Mangomala, or mangamala comes as chokers and long necklaces.

6a. Mango Choker

Mango choker necklace is a beautiful necklace often worn with kasavu saree to look radiant.

6b. Mango Long Necklace

Mango long necklace comes in gold and sometimes embellished with palakka stones in different colours.

7. Lakshmi Mala

Lakshmi mala or necklaces comes that comes with motifs of goddess Lakshmi as pendants or side pieces. People favour them as chokers or long necklaces as per occasions.

7a. Lakshmi Choker

A Lakshmi choker can be simple or elaborate based on the design and number of motifs used. Grand Lakshmi choker necklaces can be seen on a traditional Kerala bride.

7b. Lakshmi Long Necklace

Lakshmi long necklace, is commonly seen with a pendant engraved or embossed with Lakshmi designs.

8. Pathakkam

A pathakkam is generally, a large pendant strung in a chain. The pendant is traditionally round, but now comes in all shapes and sizes.

9. Karimani Mala (Long)

Black seed beads or crystals are strung alternatively with gold beads to make a karimani mala. Married women are seen wearing the chain as a symbol of their marriage or mangalyam.

10. Manimala

Gold beads are arranged in the fashion of chain to make a manimala. It comes in one, two and multiple layers. Sometimes, crystals in different colours, or gems like corals are added to the manimala. A manimala is also called as ball chain.

Final Thoughts

Beautiful Kerala jewellery designs are an elegant addition to every woman's jewellery collections. Traditional Kerala jewellery is one of the prominent south Indian jewellery categories to follow if you are an ethnic jewellery lover.


Which state of India is famous for jewellery?

Kerala is one of the states of India famous for its traditional jewellery. The love for gold jewellery is apparent in their jewellery designs. Designs like palakka mala, nagapadam and kasumala are some evergreen Kerala jewellery designs.

Why is Kerala is famous for gold jewellery?

Gold jewellery runs deep to the roots of every Keralite. Almost all customs and traditions of Kerala include gold jewellery in their details. Their fondness towards gold ornaments are popular, and they make beautiful and pristine gold jewellery pieces.


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