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Types Of Jhumka Earrings & Latest Trends | South Indian Jewels

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

In every Indian woman's wardrobe here is always one pair of jhumkas that goes with her every ethnic outfit. That one pair would definitely be close to her heart too. Many types of stylish jhumka earrings can be found both offline and online. Jhumkas are ethnic fashion bombs that never cease to amaze us. Bagging latest trending jhumka earrings is a craze for many of us. We are in love with all kinds of jhumka earrings and their cuteness. Take a look at the amazing jhumka designs below and decide if you are in league with us or not.

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History & Significance of Jhumkas

The dome shaped trinkets accentuate facial features of women when worn as earrings. By inspecting the ancient sculptures found in Tamilnadu, we can understand that traditional jhumka earrings held a strong place among ladies in ancient India as well. In many ancient Chola sculptures, jhumka shaped earrings were found carved on to the sculptures as jewellery.

The bell shaped jhumka earrings jingle and bounce with every tilt of her head. A big jhumka weighing 2 quintals was erected at the town of Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh as the town is well known for Bareilly ka jhumka. Cultural importance of jhumkas in India is one thing that won't go unnoticed.

There are no Indian weddings without jhumkas. Be it festivals, parties, events or any other functions you can see beautiful and trending jhumka earrings or jhumkis being adorned by Indian girls and women. The sweet jingles of cute and stylish jhumka earrings match well with the vibrant culture of India.

Types of Jhumkas

So what are the types of jhumkas available in the market?

You can see multiple types of jhumkas in India. Fashionable and stylish jhumkas are an evergreen trend that will never be out of Indian woman's jewellery trove. Bridal jhumkas have their own design language, befitting the bride on her beautiful day. Traditional jhumkas, fashion jhumkas, stylish jhumkas, layered jhumkas and much more can be seen under the name tag of jhumkas. From the vast types of jhumkas and its categories, we have jotted down some major jhumka earring types that are found commonly trending in India

1. Gold jhumkas

Jhumkas in 22kt gold is every Indian woman's weakness. The yellow aura of enchanting gold jhumkas adorns the lady with an other worldly charm. Traditional gold jhumkas, modern layered jhumkas, gold half jhumkas, kundan polki gold jhumkas, and temple gold jhumkas, are just some of the varieties you can see in 22kt gold jhumka designs. Explore more gold jhumkas by clicking the button below.

2. Diamond jhumkas

Diamonds have become a prominent part in south Indian jewellery sector. Diamond jhumkas found in south India are of different designs when compared to other parts of the country. Most of the modern brides prefer diamond jewellery instead of gold. With gaining popularity of flawless diamonds, one can easily find wide range of diamond jhumka designs in the market. Checkout some beautiful and stylish diamond jhumkas from big brands on Amazon by clicking the button below.

3. 92.5 Silver jhumkas

Silver jewellery is not just an adornment, but an aid to rectify many illnesses. The 92.5 silver jhumkas or sterling silver jhumkas are sturdy, beautiful and useful. These jhumkas come in a myriad of designs and is loved by women in India. Wearing silver is considered auspicious traditionally in both North and South Indian states. These trending 92.5 silver jhumkas are must haves as they last long and go well with any Indian ethnic outfits. Check out some beautiful designs of silver jhumkis on Amazon below.

4. Temple jhumkas

Temple jhumkas are trending and is popular among the ethnic divas, nation wide. Temple jewellery collections can be seen as gold temple jhumkas, nakshi temple jhumkas, 925 temple jhumkas and more. Temple jewellery is of two types in this modern world. The original temple jewellery and nakshi temple jewellery. These south Indian jhumkas are a treasure to any women who cherishes it.

4.1 Original temple jhumkas

Temple jhumkas or jewellery were originally referred to as the ruby, diamond and emerald studded jewellery used to adorn the deities inside the temple. The jewels were considered sacred by people. Later on, Bharatanatyam classical dance ensemble included such jewellery and was called temple jewellery. Temple jhumkas were worn by these classical dancers and for eons and later got introduced into the royals and common folks.

4.2 Nakshi temple jhumkas

Nakshi jewellery is well known for its intricate craft work and light weight nature. They are also called temple jewellery by modern jewellery enthusiasts, as it commonly portrays deities like goddess Lakshmi, Lord Krishna, Lord Rama and so on. Nakshi temple jhumkas are available in gold, silver and artificial materials. These nakshi work temple jhumkas are mostly worn by brides and are beautiful indeed. The traditional temple jhumkas can be found online with ease. Online portals like Amazon and Myntra has wonderful temple jhumka earrings for every fashionista.

5. Ethnic AD stone jhumkas

With the soaring prices of diamond earrings many are not able to afford them. To rectify the situation American diamond jewellery or AD stone jewellery was introduced into the market. AD jhumka earring designs are popular among both girls and ladies. These jhumkas are perfect fit for ethnic functions and parties alike. Checkout beautiful AD stone jhumkas on Amazon below.

6. Colourful meenakari jhumkas

Meenakari or enamel jhumkas are here to stay. The vivid colours and the painstakingly beautiful handwork on these jhumkas are mesmerising. Adorable meenakari jhumkas come in many sizes, length, styles and colours. Aesthetically pleasing, grand jhumkas are found in gold, silver and alloys. Modern day brides are opting heavy meenakari jhumkas and pastel jhumkas for their bridal trousseau.

7. Oxidised jhumka earrings

The Boho fashionistas can't think of living without oxidised silver earrings. But oxidised jhumka earrings are the favourite go to earrings for even traditional beauties. The rustic charm of these jhumkis are adorable and fits well with most of the Indian attire. Got a party? Go ethnic with these german silver oxidised jhumkas. They are super cheap and available in various different designs online.

8. One gram Gold jhumkas

One gram gold plated jhumkas or one gram gold jhumkas are earrings plated with 1 gram of 22k gold. These jhumkas retains its lustre and colour for long time when compared to imitation fancy jhumkas. The jhumkas can be considered as the lookalike version of pure gold 22k jhumka earrings. Checkout beautiful one gram gold plated jhumka earrings online below.

9. Antique jhumkas

Antique jhumkas are available in gold , silver and imitation jewellery. Its the antique shade over the jhumkas or jewellery that gives it the name. Antique finish jhumkas are for those fashionistas who prefer less bling of gold. The dull finish has a rustic charm to it which won't stand out from the outfit ensemble.

10. Imitation jhumkas

These imitation jhumkas are mainly replicas or inspired from pure gold jhumka earrings. They are super affordable and gives the look of original gold jhumkas. If you are a bit fashion savvy and not interested in repeating the jewellery you wear, these fashion jhumka earrings are for you. The imitation jewellery is one of the most trending jewellery types in India.

11. Handmade jhumkas

Rather than merely wearing the jewellery, make it a statement. Own some custom made handmade earrings like polymer clay jhumka earrings, terracotta jhumka earrings, silk thread earrings and so on. The jhumka on display above is the artistic craft of Athena hues on polymer clay. Reach out to get yourself a pair and be uniquely in style.

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