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Elegant Ganesh Jhumkas in Silver | South Indian Jewels

Updated: May 8, 2023

The silver craze is back! Enjoy wearing the silver Ganesh jhumka earrings on this festive season. Pair this pair of jhumkas with ethnic outfits to nail the classy Indo ethnic look. A silver jhumka with a cotton saree would look unparalleled. Every girl must have a pair of silver shaded jhumkas in her jewellery trunk. If 92.5 sterling silver ganesh jhumkas like the ones in the picture below are heavy on your pockets, go for cheaper alternatives like oxidised german silver jewellery. Some of us call it junk jewellery too.

Hey, if junk is that beautiful, who are we to judge !

Image Source: Pinterest

Material : 92.5 Silver

Type : Jhumka earrings

Fashion : Ethnic

Occasions: Festive, Party and Events

Good when paired with Indian ethnic wear.

Some Facts on Jhumkas - Significance & History

Jhumkas are Indian jewellery treasures cherished and adored by women. If way to the heart for men is through food, the path to most women's hearts goes past a jewellery store. Jhumkas make to the top of the favourite list of jewels of an average Indian woman.

Big Oxidised Jhumka Earrings Designs

What are traditional jhumkas?

Jhumkas have been around for a long time. The bell shaped jhumkas are embellished with beads and dangling charms to complete the look of a traditional pair of jhumkas. Usually traditional jhumkas are made in gold and silver, but excessive demand of the jhumka earrings among women opened channels for artificial jhumka earrings to enter the market.

What are Jhumkas made of?

Jhumkas can be found to be made in precious metals like gold, silver studded with gems and diamonds. Now jhumkas are also made in all kinds of materials. One can find german silver jhumkas, bronze jhumka , brass jhumkas, gold jhumkas, silver jhumkas, terracotta jhumkas, meenakari jhumkas, lakh jhumkas, silk thread jhumkas, rose gold jhumkas, diamond jhumkas, white gold jhumkas and many more.

Who invented Jhumkas?

Presence of jhumkas can be traced back to 300s BCE in Southern region of Indian peninsula. The sculptures that are believed to be made during the reign of Chola dynasty had jhumka shaped earrings sculpted into them.

How much does a jhumka cost?

Based on the material used and craft on the jhumkas, the cost of jhumkas extends to a wide range. SImple artificial jhumkas starts from ₹50, where as gold or diamond jhumkas can cost you lakhs.


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