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Top 10 Fashion Jewellery Brands In India To Unravel Your Inner Fashionista | South Indian Jewels

Updated: Jan 29

Fashion jewellery has become an inevitable part of our lives. Finding the right jewellery brands to buy some good quality fashion jewellery is a task in itself.

There are a lot of jewellery brands out there with impressive range of collections. The Question is how would you choose the right brand for your taste and requirements? Worry not! We have jotted down a list of top 10 fashion jewellery brands in India for you to explore.

Our Favorites

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​Yellow Chimes

​Zaveri Pearls

List Of Top 10 Fashion Jewellery Brands in India

  • South India Jewels

  • Tribe by Amrapali

  • Voylla

  • Peora

  • Pipa bella

  • Zaveri Pearls

  • Yellow Chimes

  • Sukkhi

  • Ishhaara

  • Youbella

Before you jump into the list, check how we have sorted these fashion jewellery brands based on certain criteria. They are as follows;

  1. Quality of the jewellery: The quality of the jewellery produced by the brand.

  2. Design: Designing style adopted by the brand and their popularity among customers.

  3. Durability: Shelf life of the jewellery and care instructions.

  4. Trust Factor: Customer care, reviews, delivery and more

  5. Cost: Checking the prices and comparing with similar brands.

  6. Availability: Easily available to the customers or not.

Based on each criterion, we have sorted down the brands for your convenience. Fashion jewellery comes in many varieties and styles.

Ultimately, its you who decides what to buy, based on your taste and requirements. We hope our guide would ease your quest on purchasing good quality designs from the best fashion jewellery brands.

South India Jewels

The brand mainly aggregates ethnic fashion jewellery designs like temple jewellery, gold plated silver jewellery, south Indian style jewellery as well as fine jewellery. They have strong social media footprint. If you are a south Indian jewellery enthusiast, you must take a look at this website.

  • Intricate and unique designing style makes the brand stand out.

  • The shelf life of the jewellery from south India jewels is also considered as fine.

  • The brand has many loyal followers in south India and is gaining popularity in North.

  • They don't offer lucrative prices but the quality of their product speaks the price.

Tribe by Amrapali

When comes to jewellery brands, no one can turn a blind eye towards the brand Tribe by Amrapali. The brand is a subsidiary of Amrapali jewellery, the jewellery house founded in 1978 by Rajiv Arora and Rajesh Ajmera in Jaipur. Amrapali designs, produces and distributes tribal, fine and uncut gemstone jewellery.

  • The Jewellery from Tribe by Amrapali is of impeccable quality

  • Intricate and unique designs are good and favoured by many modern women.

  • The shelf life of the pieces from the brand is considered great.

  • The brand has a loyal customer bank along with celebs. The customer service is good.

  • Prices are a justified for the unique designs and material used in making the jewellery pieces

  • Tribe by Amrapali is both available online and offline. and they are also available on Amazon.


Voylla is brand that makes your celebrations vibrant. Unique and beautiful designs attract women to buy Voylla's jewellery. The brand was established in 2013 and they believe in high quality, flawlessly crafted jewellery at affordable price points. Handcrafted masterpieces, affordable luxury, unique artistic jewellery from some of the finest designers in the country are now at your fingertips with Voylla.

  • The Jewellery from Voylla is luxurious.

  • Handcrafted pieces are one of a kind & beautiful.

  • A wide range of jewellery designs are under this brand.

  • The brand is a popular one with a long list of loyal followers. .

  • Prices are a bit on the higher side for the jewellery size and designs

  • Voylla has a robust online presence and they are also available on Amazon.


Peora is a jewellery brand based in Los Angeles. Founded in the year 1988, they acquired success rapidly. The brand started its operations in India in 2006 and focused mainly on the artificial fashion jewellery market and grabbed grand success. Women in India love the designs curated by this brand and are widely appreciated.

  • They have a wide range of jewellery collections that adapts to the changing trends

  • The designs are always up to date and of good quality

  • The jewellery designs from Peora jewellery ranges from traditional to modern.

  • Widely appreciated by modern Indian women

  • They have kept the prices nominal and the pieces are often worth the price.

  • They are widely present in almost all major marketplaces like Amazon, Myntra and also has multiple offline outlets throughout many cities in the country.

Pipa Bella

Pipa Bella is one of the trendiest online brands in the country since the past 8 years. Pipa Bella’s owner, Shuchi Pandaya, curates jewellery and accessories that cater to todays digital consumer. The name Pipa Bella has been derived from the Spanish word Pipa which means bold and adventurous, and Bella which means classic and beautiful.

  • The Jewellery designs from Pipa Bella is luxurious and classy.

  • The pieces mainly caters the young and bold modern women.

  • A wide range of classy jewellery designs are available with the brand.

  • Popularity of the brand is gained through their chic designs.

  • Jewellery in all price ranges are available with Pipa Bella

  • The brand is available on Amazon and Nykaa fashion.

Zaveri Pearls

Zaveri pearls has been serving the market for a long time. The brand is a pioneer in making traditional fashion jewellery in India. They have a wide range of kundan jewellery, pearl jewellery and a myriad of upbeat jewellery designs. Zaveri pearls has been Indian women's favourite for more than decades.

  • Vibrant and vivid jewellery designs fro Zaveri Pearls are available world wide.

  • Fashion Jewellery in any variety can be seen with them.

  • Some of the low end products can have quality issues.

  • The brand has been adorning Indian women for decades .

  • Lowest cost in the market can be considered as their unique selling point

  • Zaveri peals is a wide spread brand around the world both offline and online.

Yellow Chimes

Yellow chimes is a brand that can be associated with style and fashion. For people with a penchant for stylish fashionable jewellery, Yellow chimes is the brand. They have a wide range of high quality jewellery designs for every women out there. The pieces they offer can easily pass off as premium jewellery at first sight.

  • Stylish designs in high quality is one word for Yellow chimes.

  • Chic jewellery designs are curated for modern fashionistas.

  • The brand has wide variety of necklaces, earrings and other pieces.

  • They are gaining popularity among youngsters pretty fast.

  • Nominal prices for good quality jewellery is always a steal deal

  • Yellow chimes has a growing online presence on platforms like Amazon.


Sukkhi is a jewellery brand that manufactures traditional fashion jewellery designs. They have a wide range of jewellery collection that caters to women of all ages. Ethnic temple jewellery, traditional jewellery, gold plated jewellery, oxidised jewellery , you name it, they have it in their trove. The brand is an initiative to empower women, providing jobs for around 1200+ rural women in India.

  • Being a manufacturing company, they provide the jewels at lucrative rates.

  • Quality is improvable but for the price it looks fine.

  • All types of fashion jewellery designs are available on this label.

  • It is widely available offline in India.

  • Lowest prices on jewellery can be seen on these jewellery products.

  • Sukkhi has a good online presence and is available on almost all the market places.