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Unique Oxidised 92.5 Silver Finger Ring Design To Look Chic | South Indian Jewels

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Latest ethnic oxidised 92.5 silver finger ring design is here. This unique ring is a show stopper and we are in love with it. A bit of tribal fashion here and there on your outfit can accentuate the look to next level.

The majestic silver ring is traditional and can blend well with modern outfits as well check out this 92.5 silver ring if you are in love with silver jewellery designs. (Well we are!)

Lakshmi 92.5 Silver Finger Ring

  • Brand - Azita

  • Size - Adjustable

  • Stones - Kemp

  • Style - Ethnic

  • Material- 92.5 Sterling Silver, 925 Authenticity Stamp on the loop.

  • This Lakshmi Ring is spectacular and will go with both ethnic and casual.

  • Store your silver jewellery in a cool, dark place away from sunlight, heat and moisture.

  • To reduce scratching and tarnishing, store your pieces individually in small zip-lock plastic bags, removing as much air as possible. You may also put a sachet of desiccant/silica gel in each bag with the jewelry.

  • Price - ₹2,899/- (Price may vary)

Credits - Azita, Amazon India


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