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Stylish Simple Waist Chain Designs For Saree To Add Some Swag | South Indian Jewels

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Bored of regular fashion trends? Bring out the sassy diva in you by trying these simple silver waist chain designs for sarees. They are super sexy. They are called by many names around India like Kamarbandh, aranjanam, arapatta, vaddanam, oddiayam, and so on. These waist chains blend perfectly with sarees, davanis, half sarees or lehengas.


Waist chains are believed to have existed for more than 4000 years in India. Some wear them as a part of traditions, some for health benefits and some like us, as fashion accessories. In many cultures, waist chains are worn by both men and women. Ancient sculptures of gods and goddesses in India were seen wearing waist belts and waist chains. Kings and Queens in Indian history also wore waist belts and hips chains to show affluence.

Silver Waist Chain Designs for Her

Silver has been the go to metal to make jewellery and other utilities since the dawn of civilisation for its unique properties. As per mythology and lore, it wards off evil and promotes spiritual well being. It is also scientifically proven that the metal has healing properties. The health benefits of silver are quite commendable. Silver is used in some modern medical tools and equipment for its antibacterial and other properties. Scientists say that, silver helps managing the temperature of the body, keeps the circulation in motion. Along with all the healing properties, silver jewellery like the silver waist chains listed below are aesthetically pleasing.

Simple Waist Chain In Silver

The sleek and simple waist chain drapes around adding more allure to your saree. The simple silver waist chain provides the illusion of wider hips when worn with a saree. Three layers of chains are attached to small rings and tiny bells in a series. This piece is for you, if you are into simple and elegant jewellery designs.

Floral Silver Waist Chain In Boho Fashion

Afghan tribal jewellery has been a hit among girls with a penchant for Bohemian fashion. The above piece is a mini product of tribal bohemian fashion jewellery. Do you like belly dancing? If yes this hip chain makes jingling noise when you swish your hips.

Classy Floral Silver Waist Belt

This floral waist belt is classy and simple. No jingles and bells, just straight craft and beauty. This is for you, if you like no nonsense, stylish jewellery. This is one of the easy to wear and manage hip chains among the designs we have listed.

Silver Coin Waist Chain In Tribal Fashion

That hippie girl you saw in a movie wore this right? Yeah this is classic waist chain design of hippies. The care free bohemian style hip chain is embellished with coins and chains. They add a retro element to your look indeed.

Silver Coin Waist Belt

Every piece of jewellery projects certain style and attitude. When worn right, they are unparalleled.

The waist belt exudes power and confidence. If you are among the divas, who wear anything you like with ease, this piece is for you.

Gaudy Silver Waist Belt In Afghani Fashion

For the gaudy girls, whose love for big trinkets is never ending. The waist belt is the classic epitome of Afghani tribal jewellery. The simple waist chains designs for sarees come in various designs and types. The above piece is a beautiful representation of nomadic jewellery and can be worn with sarees, salwars or lehengas to accentuate the look.

Stylish Designs Of Silver Waist Chains

Are waist chains Indian?

The sculptures, mythology and legends point towards 4000 years of existence of waist chains in India. Both men and women use to wear hip chains in India.

Why do ladies wear waist chain?

Generally ladies wear waist chain to show affluence and feminine sensuality. Other than that waist chains made in silver believes to have certain healing abilities when worn directly over skin.

When did waist chains become popular?

In India, waist chains were mundane and occasional ceremonial usage. Around 2000 nds fashion designers re introduced waist chains in a sensual fashion.


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