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Top 10 Palakka Mala Designs For This Vishu | South Indian Jewels

The resplendent palakka mala designs to doll up for this Vishu festival. The green emerald stone studded palakka necklaces are a must have in every Malayali girl's wardrobe.

Checkout the dazzling top 10 palakka mala designs for this Vishu and types below to look ethereal in the royal jewellery of Kerala.

1. Palakka Mala With Gopi Design

Kerala bride in traditional gopi palakka mala and traditional Kerala gold bridal jewellery necklaces and earrings. A palakka necklace comes in many colours like red, green, blue, orange, pink and black. Traditionally, the palakka mala comes in green and sometimes in red.

2. Palakka Pulinagha Mala

Kerala brides can be seen wearing different types of palakka mala designs. Pulinagha palakka mala contains the motifs in the shape of tiger claws. The pulinagha mala comes in pure gold or embedded with green or red stones. They can also be seen as pendants, necklaces and long haram necklaces.

3. Bridal Palakka Mala

The love for gold jewellery in Kerala among women is a well known secret. Most of the Malayali brides prefer traditional gold jewellery like palakka mala, kasumala as one of their bridal jewellery pieces along with modern jewellery.

4. Traditional Palakka Mala

Traditional palakka mala and its cultural value for a Malayali is unparalleled. Palakka mala can be found as long necklaces, princess necklaces, palakka chokers and palakka pendants. Palakka bridal jewellery includes palakka bangles, rings and anklets as well.

5. Palakka Necklace Set With Earrings

The palakka necklace with motifs spread out through out the chain is the most popular palakka mala design found in south India. The necklace comes with small palakka earrings and sometimes with palakka jhumkas.

6. Ethnic Palakka Mala

Palakka mala designs comes in different variants based on the number of motifs on either side of the central pendants. The number of motifs varies from one to twenty one based on the length of the necklaces.

7. Simple Palakka Mala Design

Elegance of a simple palakka mala or palakka thali is enamouring. The necklace with a small palakka motif is commonly worn by young girls. Now the neck pieces have gained a place in the ethnic jewellery wardrobe of south India. The pendant usually comes with a thin or thick chain and stones in different colours.

8. Palakka Manga Mala

Mango shaped bridal palakka mala designs are one of the most popular palakka variant after the traditional palakka mala and nagapadam necklaces. The palakka manga mala is cherished by Kerala brides and often pass it on to their next generation as heirlooms.

9. Palakka Pendant Design

Ottakal pathakkam or ottakkal palakka pathakkam is a big palakka pendant strung in a simple or delicate gold chain, often embellished with rubies or other gemstones around the brims. The shape of the pendant varies from the shape of mangoes, leaves , tear drops, tiger claws, rounds, ovals to floral shape and much more.

10. Palakka Pathakkam Set

Pathakkam or pendant in Kerala jewellery is a popular piece of jewellery in south India. When palakka motifs are fused onto pendants to create a palakka pathakkam or pendant.

Palakka mala is one of the major traditional jewellery designs of Kerala. The necklaces comes as long haram, chokers, princess necklaces and traditional pieces like palakka mothiram, ottakal pathakkam and more.


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