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Earrings For Saree - How To Choose The Perfect Pair | South Indian Jewels

Updated: Feb 19

Sarees are essential part of every Indian woman's wardrobe. Styling your sarees with the best earrings and accessories can amp up your look. People often ignore the fact that a pair of earrings can make or break your attire. The right pair of earrings can not only accentuate your complete saree look but make your face look more radiant than ever.

We are exploring different types of earrings that complement sarees and help you choose the perfect pair for your saree look. Let's dive in to the world of best earrings for saree.

In this article we have jotted down the trending earrings for saree to look radiant wherever you go. Be it simple earrings, traditional earrings or modern earrings, pairing them the right way can add elegance and sophistication to your drape.

Traditional Earrings Designs for Saree

When it comes to traditional earrings designs that compliment saree we can't ignore the classic jhumka earrings and chandbali earrings


Jhumka Earrings For Saree

One of the most popular traditional earrings for saree is jhumkas. A perfect pair of ethnic jhumkas can ace the saree look in flying colours. Jhumkas usually comes in silver, gold, artificial alloys and handmade jhumkas.

Artificial fancy jhumkas are flooding the fashion market due to their affordability and style factor. When sarees are paired with oxidised fancy jhumkas, meenakari jhumkas or gold plated jhumka designs, they complement the saree in an elegant way.

Chandbali Earrings For Saree

The crescent or circular shaped traditional chandbali earrings are made for sarees. They highlight the sensual features of your face and overall look. The right pair of chandbali earrings are an asset for a saree.

Meenakari chandbalis, gold chandbali earrings and silver chandbali earrings are some of the most popular traditional Indian earrings that complement sarees.

Stud earrings are also occasionally used to amp up the saree look, when a heavy work saree is worn.

Traditional earrings are elegant, timeless and versatile, and can be worn with a wide range of saree designs and colours.

Modern Earrings Designs for Saree

Not a traditional girl? No worries!

Modern earrings like hoops, chandeliers, drops, tassels and minimalist earrings are making rounds when it comes to saree styling. Modern earrings designs extend a fresh take on traditional designs. They focus on elements like geometric shapes, minimal designs, and unconventional materials.

Hoop Earrings For Saree

Hoop earrings are life savers for a modern diva. Sarees get a fresh look with hoop earrings. Hoop earrings come in many beautiful designs embellished with precious and non precious stones. You can find circular hoops, square hoops, and hoops in all shapes with embellishments like pearls and metallic danglers.

Hoops add a touch of edginess to a saree look and can be paired with both casual and formal saree outfits.

Chandelier Earrings For Saree

Long chandelier style earrings are usually embellished with rhinestones or diamonds and other flashy trinkets. They are perfect for a party wear saree that shimmers. The cascading nature of chandelier earrings add a touch of sexy vibes to the whole ensemble.

Tassel Earrings For Saree

Tassel earrings are for those who love a bit of unconventional style factor in your attire. Tassel earrings for saree is perfect when you are carefree and fun loving. The Bohemian touch that tassel earrings add to the saree look is precious.

Pair your satin silk saree with a pair of silk tassel earrings to see the magic of modern tassel earrings on sarees.

Tips for Choosing the Right Earrings for Saree

With myriad of earrings designs for saree to choose from, its quite hard to decide what goes well with your saree attire. To ease the crisis, we have come up with some tips that can help.


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