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Best Jhumka Designs of 2024 | South Indian Jewels

Updated: Feb 5

Whether in pure gold or trending alloys, jhumkas always have a place in Indian women's wardrobes. They are known by many variant names- jhumkas, jhumki, jimikki, jumkey and more based on different regions and languages in India.

Here we are exploring how jhumkas have evolved and reached the current year in design and fashion. Presenting the best jhumka designs of 2024

Jhumkas come in many variations like gold jhumkas, silver jhumkas, antique jhumkas, minakari jhumkas, oxidised jhumkas, and many more. Below are some beautiful jhumka designs that are popular this year.

Beautiful antique jhumkas that can make your ethnic day special. Gold-plated antique jhumkas.

Pure silver Ganesh jhumkas. These oversized jhumkas are trending for quite some time, making ladies go gaga over its beauty.

These beautiful gold-plated pure silver jhumkas from Navrathan jewellers are drool-worthy. Any celebrations with this gorgeous pair of jhumkas would be awesome.

Another Kemp stone studded pair of jhumkas with ear chains to garner the look of your silk saree. These jhumkas are indeed a showstopper. Check out Navrathan jewellers for best jhumka designs.

What are jhumka earrings?

Jhumka earrings are the bell shaped traditional earrings that make jingling noises with the movement of head. They are popular among women in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

What does jhumka symbolise?

Jhumkas are made in shape of bells. The method by which these earrings are named Jhumkas, jhumkis, and jimikki is onomatopoeia, where the name resonates the sound it makes. Jhumka reflects the sound of jingles made by the danglers.

What is Indian jhumka?

Indian jhumkas are the popular earrings among all its variants. The jhumkas are a part of vivid Indian culture, and every woman possesses at least a pair of them. The origin of this popular earrings style can be traced back to ancient temple sculptures. Its evergreen essence adds a traditional detail to any given look, while its versatility allows for pairing with contemporary occasional wear as well.

What are types of Jhumkas?

Jhumkas come in many varieties based on size, material, and work. Based on size, they come as:

  • Small jhumkas,

  • Medium jhumkas,

  • Large jhumkas

  • Extra large jhumkas.

Based on material jhumkas are made popularly as

  • Gold jhumkas,

  • Diamond jhumkas,

  • Silver jhumkas,

  • Brass jhumkas,

  • Paper jhumkas,

  • Clay jhumkas,

  • Alloy jhumkas.

Based on craft and work, jhumkas are of these types

  • Gold Jhumkas

  • Gold plated jhumkas

  • Oxidised Jhumkas

  • Meenakari Jhumkas

  • Quilling jhumkas

  • Cuff Jhumkas

  • Temple Jhumkas

  • Terracotta Jhumkas

  • Polymer clay jhumkas

  • Kashmiri Jhumkas

  • Polki Jhumkas

  • German silver jhumkas

  • Hoop jhumkas

  • Silk thread jhumkas

What are traditional Indian earrings called?

Traditional Indian earrings are of many designs and types. The most popular designs of earrings among Indian heritage jewellery are Jhumkas. They are believed to have originated in South India. Mentions of jhumkas being found in the archives of Chola dynasty makes them as old as 300s BCE.

Why are Jhumkas so popular?

Jhumkas were introduced into common fashion by Bharatanatyam dancers. The beauty of these earrings and their jingles were vastly accepted by women. The jhumkas were modified by many master jewellers over time and still remain as timeless pieces of heritage jewellery. Without jhumkas, a traditional Indian attire for women is never complete. Being passed down as heirlooms and its modern take on designs make them one of the popular earrings in India.

How to store Jhumkas?

Jhumkas can be stored in a covered earring stand or in jewellery boxes. Gold jhumkas and diamond jhumkas can be stored in velvet or silk boxes. Silver and imitation jhumkas are good when stored in plastic boxes or covers to avoid reactions.

How to wear jhumka earrings?

Wear jhumkas with ear chains or attach hair chains to them for support and as embellishment. One can also use ear patches to support the piercings of ears.

What do you wear with jhumka?

Jhumka goes well with traditional or ethnic attire. A well-matched pair of jhumkas can accentuate the look of Sarees, Salwar suits, Kurtas and Lehengas.

How do you wear big Jhumkas?

Jhumka earrings are indeed a staple of an Indian woman’s festive and wedding season wardrobe. Wearing big and heavy jhumkas is one of the popular trends. Being said that, ear lobes are delicate and can’t bear too much of weight. So using ear chains or hair chains to support the weight of the jhumka would be the ideal solution.

What is Meenakari jhumka?

Meenakari work is one of the renowned crafts from Jaipur. The enamel work, when done on the jhumka earrings, became a fashion statement. The intricate and vibrant meenakari work on jhumkas are cherished and are a staple in every jewellery connoisseur's wardrobe.

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