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Latest Stylish Gold 2 In 1 Armlet And Choker | South Indian Jewels

Armlets are gaining popularity among Indian jewellery lovers. What's more fascinating than a stylish 2 in 1 armlet and choker in gold! We love it

The choker necklace cum armlet 2 in 1 design is trending now. The trendy jewellery is available in both gold and artificial materials.

Check out the innovative bajuband or armlet cum choker necklace designs in gold and artificial alloys. Imbue some innovation into your fashion accessories today

Armlets are not a common accessory for Indian women. Occasions like traditional weddings, theme parties or ethnic events are the places for armlets.

But sporting armlets during these events or festivities are also cool. What would you do with your armlets after these occasional uses. They would stay at the bottom of your jewellery box awaiting their next chance.

The 2 in 1 armlet and choker necklace gold or gold plated solves this fashion hustle. Wear your armlet as a choker whenever you are not using them as armlet, bajuband or vanki.

Gold plated 2 in 1 armlet and choker necklace






​Gold Plated Matte Finish


​Festive Occasions, Parties




₹203/- (Prices are subject to change at the discretion of Amazon/ Seller)

​Available On


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