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Timeless Gold Jewellery Design for Wedding | South Indian Jewels

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

The jewellery that speaks to your heart! Abaran brings you the unique handcrafted gold necklace from their collection of timeless gold jewellery designs. Creativity exudes from the design, making it a must have.

Indian jewellery is as old as the country itself. Processing and collecting gold were first learnt and utilised by Indians. Later when technology and science improved and advanced, jewel smiths started using metals and precious stones in making jewellery. Most of the jewellery designs were influenced by the society, culture, flora and fauna.

We have reached a point where jewellery designs speak of your nature and fashion when you pair them the right way. The elegant contemporary necklace below is an example of evolution in gold jewellery designs in India.

Photo Courtesy - Abaran

Reach out to the brand to explore more such gold jewellery designs with price.

Brand - Abaran

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The necklace is studded with gemstones and the flowers, fruits and leaves crafted in gold are adorned with enamel colours. The matching earrings are what we dote on. The cute flowery fruity earrings are just the kind you wont see everywhere.


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