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Splendid 22kt Gold Fusion Necklace With Jhumkas | South Indian Jewels

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

When you get bored of tried and tested designs, the urge to try something fresh enters your mind. Its that what makes you look for something different. Jewellery designs in India comes in four groups, traditional, contemporary, fusion and classic jewellery. When traditional jewellery designs get blended with contemporary designs, fusion jewellery is born. Every fusion jewellery breathes out a fresh air that makes you stand out in the crowd. The layered fusion gold necklace design with stacked gold jhumkas is one of the best examples of fusion gold jewellery designs.


Material : 22kt gold

Type : Layered Necklace and Jhumkas

Design : Fusion

Brand : Navrathan

Occasion : Festive

The necklace is a blend of gothambu mani mala, kundan and rani haars with shimmering motifs and ruby stones forming a perfect fusion long haar. The stack jhumkas are beautiful and trendy. Reach out to the brand to know more about the necklace and jhumkas above.

What is gold fusion jewellery?

Gold fusion jewellery is an artistic blend of traditional jewellery designs that graced many generations and contemporary jewellery designs where the both kind of designs meet in a middle ground to create a new and refreshing design for everyone to fawn over.


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