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The Best Antique Bangle Designs for the Fashion-Forward Jewellery Lover | South Indian Jewels

An Indian traditional attire is never complete without the jingle of some fascinating bangles. Antique bangle designs and their intricate craftsmanship is a symbol of rich Indian heritage. Explore the beautiful and trending antique bangle designs to pair with your latest traditional silk saree.

Latest Antique Bangle Designs In Gold

Antique bangle designs in gold are known for its dull glow in contrast to the gaudy yellow gold ornaments. If you are some one who likes to keep it subtle, the antique gold jewellery designs are for you.

Where To Find The Best Antique Gold Bangles?

Antique gold bangles are available both offline and online with most of the jewellers. We liked some of the antique bangle designs and found them trendy yet traditional. Take your pick from the designs below.

Antique Bangles Malabar Gold

Explore through some of the beautiful antique bangles from Malabar gold and diamonds.

Tanishq Antique Gold Bangles

Checkout the beautiful antique gold bangles designs from the house of Tanishq.

Style Your Antique Bangle The Right Way

Pair your antique bangle with a striking pure silk saree or lehenga to look radiant. Plain or silk sarees with minimal designs would look great when paired with antique bangle designs.

Antique kada bangles, antique single bangles or antique gold bangles, be it any type of antique bangle designs, there is only one rule to follow when it comes to them that is to keep things subtle. Don't pair your gaudy yellow gold bangles with your antique ones, keep it minimal to get most out of these bangles.

Artificial Antique Bangle Designs

There are alot of beautiful and trending antique bangle designs at affordable rates online if you are not into spending much on jewellery. Many designer antique bangles are available online on portals like Amazon and Myntra. Check them out soon.

The latest antique bangle designs are a must have if you are a bangles person. These antique bangle designs be it in gold or artificial alloy, they would indeed be an asset to your wardrobe.

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